KSC Presents Itself

A long-established company in the field of power station services, we have our roots in highly sensitive steel processing and the precise manufacturing of steel components. This has allowed us to generate technical expertise in welding & joining technology as well as material processing that satisfies the highest standards of qualification.

We have identified the potential inherent in specialised production in the field of railway vehicle construction at an early stage and, in 1997, utilised the synergies arising from integrating machinery and plant engineering and railway vehicle construction. We have thus combined our know-how with our commitment for the future of railway vehicle construction.

With our outposts in Görlitz and Boxberg we have been maintaining a reliable partnership with the worldwide renowned railway vehicle manufacturer Bombardier Transportation for over 20 years, during which we have developed key competences in the field of rail vehicle construction. We have the know-how to supply complete welding components for double-deck and single-deck carriages.

As a local medium-sized enterprise, we embody personality, expertise, reliability and professionalism. Other values always appreciated by our customers are our adherence to schedules, flexibility and innovative power.

Those beliefs form the foundation from which we derive the will to constantly improve the efficiency of our production and service provision processes. This is to the benefit of both KSC and our customers. We jointly gather speed and with our customers set the course for the future of railway vehicles. In doing so it is our professed goal to enable investments in enhanced qualification and equipment as well as demand-driven expansion to stand by your side as a forward-looking partner.