A long-established company, we have our roots in highly sensitive steel processing and the precise manufacturing of steel components. We are equipped with extensive technical expertise in welding & joining technology as well as top-level material processing.

With our outposts Hagenwerder (near Görlitz) and Boxberg we have been maintaining a reliable partnership with a railway vehicle manufacturer of international standing for over 20 years, during which we have developed key competences in the field of rail vehicle construction. We possess the competences to supply complete welded assemblies (structural work) for various versions ranging from railway passenger carriages to the new ICE model range.


What we do

  • High-precision welding of railway vehicle components
  • Manufacture & delivery of complete assemblies, optionally with provided material
  • Assembly of sub-components

... ready to install for our customers

What we build

  • National and local train service vehicles:
    • under-frame, side wall, front wall, intermediate floor, roof module and their sub-assemblies
  • Tram
    • side wall, roof and their sub-assemblies

Our Competences

lie in the pre- and post-processing as well as the joining by welding of non-alloyed quality and stainless steels and non-rusting steels and in the high-precision assembly of these components. In doing so, we satisfy every standard and additional customer requirements.

Our state-of-the art equipment and our qualified employees are at the heart of our performance. They enable KSC Rail Vehicle Construction in the execution of welding jobs to the highest standard and the implementation of precise components.


With Quality

We pursue cooperative partnership with our customers and the ongoing improvement of our products, services and processes to ensure business success and competitive edge. To this end, KSC supports its business processes with quality management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001; ISO 14001; SCCP; DIN EN 15085-2 CL1 requirements.

As a local medium-sized enterprise, we embody personality, expertise, reliability and professionalism. Other values always appreciated by our customers are our adherence to schedules, flexibility and innovative power.

Those beliefs form the foundation from which we derive the will to constantly improve the efficiency of our production and service provision processes. This is to the benefit of both KSC and our customers. We jointly gather speed and with our customers set the course for the future of railway vehicles.

Michael Stein, CEO

Locational Advantage

We commend ourselves as a logistics site for special deliveries to assemble complex components for our end customers.

Outpost Hagenwerder:
13.000 m², served by crane up to 80 t

Outpost Boxberg:
5.000 m², served by crane up to 12.5 t

Ausbildung: 16 to 18 apprentices per year
Electronics & metal working

Locational Advantage:

We commend ourselves as a logistics site for special deliveries to assemble complex components for our end customers.

Delivery on schedule:

Our reliability is your advantage. Our flexibility is your competitive advantage.