We firmly believe in the key role of railway vehicles in an increasingly interdependent world and therefore continually strive to expand our competences and technical means in a sustained manner.

Range of Services

  • High-precision welding of railway vehicle components
  • Manufacture & delivery of complete assemblies, optionally with provided material
  • Assembly of sub-components

... ready to install for our customers


  • National and local train service vehicles:
    • under-frame, side wall, front wall, intermediate floor, roof module and their sub-assemblies
  • Tram:
    • side wall, roof and their sub-assemblies

QM & Certification

  • IRIS Regelwerk (ISO/TS 22163)
  • DIN EN 15085-2 CL1
  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • DIN EN ISO 14001
  • SCCP

Our Competences

lie in the pre- and post-processing as well as the joining by welding of non-alloyed quality and stainless steels and non-rusting steels and in the high-precision assembly of these components. In doing so, we satisfy every standard and additional customer requirements.

Our state-of-the art equipment and our qualified employees are at the heart of our performance. They enable KSC Rail Vehicle Construction in the execution of welding jobs to the highest standard and the implementation of precise components.

Manufacturing Methods

Manufacturing methods based on the latest technology guarantee first-rate processing and consistently high quality.

The minimum requirement is our certification for welding of railway vehicle components as per DIN EN 15085-2, Class CI 1.

We facilitate delivery on schedule for the assembly of finished carriages destined for worldwide use.


At KSC, the use of non-alloyed as well as low- and high-alloyed steels is a given. KSC is equipped with a considerable number of procedure qualifications as per DIN EN ISO 15614 and can process materials such as general structural steels, heat-resisting and highly heat-resisting steels (martensitic/austenitic), high-alloyed steels, aluminium alloys and chromium-nickel steel.